Why replace your wiper blades?
To make sure your windshield wipers always provide maximum vision, your wiper blades should be checked every six months and replaced at least once per year. This section will help you replace your wiper blades quickly and correctly. Although replacing wiper blades isn't usually difficult, be sure to READ all instructions provided.

Tools & Equipment
To change your wiper blades you will need:
  • Correct length and attachment type of replacement wiper blades
  • Cloth for windshield protection
  • Small Screwdriver (usually not be needed, but some blades may require it)
Safety Precautions
Before changing your wiper blades:
Proper maintenance and service procedures are vital to the safe, efficient operation of all motor vehicles, as well as to the safety of the person performing the work - you.

Whenever you are working on your vehicle, we recommend that you follow these important safety rules:
  • Do have a first-aid kit handy
  • Do be careful when working around hot or sharp objects
  • Do follow the manufacturer's instructions for all products
  • Do use safety stands under the frame or drive-on ramps if you must raise your vehicle
  • Don't run the engine without proper ventilation
  • Don't smoke when working around the engine
To install your wiper blades:
READ these instructions completely before you begin:
Before You Begin
  • Purchase new wiper blades that are the right size and attachment style for your specific automobile. The most popular sizes of blades for vehicles today range between 16 and 21 inches in length. Some vans and cars may require a larger size. Many newer vehicles require a different length on one side than the other. If you are not sure of the size, measure your old blades before purchasing new ones. Better yet, bring your old ones to DRAKES to make sure you get the right length and attachment style. It is usually far easier to replace the blade assembly rather than the rubber insert alone, so that's what we'll cover here.
  • Gather together all the tools and equipment you'll need before you start.
Installing Wiper Blades
  • Some wiper system designs allow you to lift the wiper arms off the windshield, and extend them toward the front of the vehicle. The arms will stay in this position, which allows for the easiest blade replacement possible. If you can't raise your wiper arms in this manner, position the blades vertically on the windshield. This can be done by turning the wipers on, then shutting off the ignition key when the blades are in a vertical position. Place a soft cloth between the glass and the blades to protect the glass from scratches and so you may work on them comfortably.
  • Most wiper blades are designed to be replaced without the need for tools. Release tabs are provided that will allow removal of the blade assembly from the arm. You may have to use your small screwdriver to aid in the release of the retaining mechanism. On older vehicles, depending on the type of blades, you may need to loosen or remove a tab or screw. Place the old blades aside.
  • Make sure you follow the instructions located on the back of the package, or look for an instruction sheet inside with the new blades.
  • After your blades have been replaced, lower the wipers back to the glass and remove the cloth. Operate the wipers to be sure they are attached properly.
Quick Tips
  • Follow these instructions carefully. Read and be sure you understand them before you begin.
  • Gather together all of your tools and supplies before you begin. Allow plenty of time to do the job so you don't have to hurry.
  • Remember that these are general instructions. For more detailed instructions pertaining to your specific vehicle, consult an appropriate repair manual.
  • Safety is important whenever you're working around machinery. Beware of hot objects, sharp instruments and hazardous materials.
  • Don't substitute tools unless you're sure you won't compromise either your safety or the performance of your vehicle.