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Building Inspections

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Your home (or potential home) cannot pass or fail a home inspection.  It is simply an impartial representation of what is.  The inspector has no dog in the hunt as to the success or failure of the real estate transaction. Their job is to simply state what they observe.  Any well loved and lived in home will have a few flaws just from everyday activity.  It is not uncommon to see a brand new home with some issues as well...
East Tennessee Home Inspections Inc.  865-379-7015
East Tennessee Home Inspections Inc. is State Licensed #200, AHIT Certified, Insured, and Bonded to provide you with worry free inspections. You have the benefit of receiving an easy to read, detailed, On-Site Inspection Report & Consultation and great tips on how to preserve and maintain your new home. We also do Radon testing for an additional fee. You will always be greeted with a smile and a friendly, respectful personality.

Orion Home Inspection  865-776-7206
Why choose Orion Home Inspection?  Like you, I have worried through the process of purchasing of a home.  In my 28 years in the US Navy, I have moved many times and purchased several homes.  I have seen first-hand thorough home inspections, but have also experienced inspections where problems went uncovered. Those missed items ended up costing me money and sleepless nights

Choosing the right home inspection company can be difficult.  Unlike most professionals, you probably will not get to meet us until after you hire us. A thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspectors personal effort and experience.  Remodeling homes since 1984 provides me a tremendous advantage over most other inspectors, many of whom come from completely different professions.
Tennessee Building Inspections is a full service real estate inspection and consulting firm specializing in the inspection of residential and commercial properties since 1989. The company services all of TN and is a recognized leader in property inspections in the area. Tennessee Building Inspections combines a focus on customer service and experience with the utilization of technology...

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APRE Inspections, INC. brings over 30 years of Construction and Maintenance experience to your doorstep. This unique blend of professional expertise is used to conduct a thorough examination of your home's construction and equipment.
Larry Bivens 865-856-0440
National Society of Home Inspectors
I have knowledge of the local, state and fire codes for the State of Tennessee. I have a certification in Air conditioning and Refrigeration from William Blount Adult Education Program. My license is through the State of Tennessee
We have been trusted by home buyers to help them make informed buying decisions. Our home inspections typically range from 2-3 hours long depending on the size of the house, and you're invited to follow along...
Tipton Home Inspections 865-548-6818 or 865-681-7024
Our inspection service takes pride in every inspection we perform. Our inspectors are highly trained, knowledgeable, professional and certified. Home Inspection... a wise decision whether you're buying, selling or simply preserving the value of your home.