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Application Essays for 1998 Governor's School Program
Ben Andrew Quillen
William Blount High School
Maryville, Tennessee


4.) Why I Wish to Participate in the Governor's School for Tennessee Heritage:

I have been to many places and done many things. I have seen Tennessee from several angles, above and below. I have heard the stories and the sounds. I have a rich family tradition in Tennessee. I have come to the conclusion that Tennessee is a beautiful, diverse and friendly place to live. There is no other state like Tennessee, and there are no other mountains like the Smokies. I have grown to love Tennessee, its people, and its heritage.

But change is happening everywhere. I consider it necessary for my education, if I am to be a future leader, to learn as much as I possibly can about my heritage. To grow as a person, I must understand Tennessee's past so that I can do my part as a responsible citizen. I want to attend this special school so I can do my part and leave my children and grandchildren a worthy legacy.