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Ben Quillen

April 3, 1997

Goal Statement 

            My goals for the rest of the freshman year include the following:  goals for leadership development, goals for a more structured routine, and goals for long-term dreams.  As far as leadership development goes I am trying to lead the youth group I am currently in by incorporating more activities for the youth.  I want to continue this progress because the youth group has about 20-25 youth and only five to ten of the youth are active.  I have to say that my morning routine is rigid.  However, my afternoons are not.  I would like to be more organized in the afternoons. I know my lack of organization interferes with my sleep, since I am a teenager my sleep is very important!

            My long term goals are very simple, be a fighter pilot in the Air Force.  I realize that this maybe a rather hefty goal but as the saying goes “Aim High”.   One of the things I really need to work on is my physical condition.  If I can regiment my afternoons to incorporate exercise, this will no longer be a pest to me.

            For the rest of my high school career I plan to continue leadership development, pursue my dream of being a fighter pilot, be more involved in school activities, and find a job.  When I get a job I would like to work around airplanes.  I would like to meet with some representatives, recruiters, and other individuals about going to the Air Force Academy or a ROTC aeronautical engineering college.  I would have to join a competitive sports team if possible.  I plan to be as active in my youth group as possible and to lead it more effectively.   

            After high school I plan to either go to the Air Force Academy, or a small Christian School and then go to an aeronautical engineering school.   There is one more goal that I have not mentioned, which is the most important, that is my devotion to God.  I do not want to live my entire life without Him in mind; instead I want to keep Him at the top of my priorities.  It is written that if a man gains all the worldly possessions but then loses his own soul what has he gained.

Ben, age 15, paraphrased Matthew 6:33, 16:26, Mark 8:36.