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Integrity: How Then Should We LIVE?



Introductory sentence: Integrity, in the absolute meaning of the word, is aligning one's thoughts, deeds and actions to absolute truth resulting in a life of obedience to that truth.

Synonym: honor: high public esteem; credit or reputation for behavior that is becoming or worthy.

Definition 1: virtue: moral excellence and righteousness; goodness; conformity [of life and conduct to moral laws] standard morality or mores; rectitude; a commendable quality or trait. Sources: American Heritage Dictionary, pg. 759; The American College Dictionary, Random House, 1967, pg. 1360; teacher's handout.

Definition 2: integrity: soundness of moral principle and character; uprightness; honesty; strict personal honesty and independence. Sources: American Heritage Dictionary, Dell, 1983, pg 362; The American College Dictionary, Random House, 1967, pg. 633

Definition 3: " ....what does the word integrity mean to you..."

eg., walking the talk; doing what I say; getting my behavior to agree with my beliefs and my beliefs to agree with God's law, that is examining myself against the moral law. Constantly asking the question "Am I a man of integrity?"

Thesis- Statement of Major points: Components of the quality of integrity: true truth, the mind conscious of true truth, the desires of the mind (carnal vs. constrained to truth), the mind choosing (the will). Integrity means bringing the will into submission to true truth, i.e., overcoming the desires and tendency of the mind to ignore or rebel against true truth.



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