Information contained within this web site is taken from "Hiking & Biking on the Peaceful Side of the Smokies" prepared by the Smoky Mountain Convention & Visitors Bureau.
  Maryville & Alcoa Trails

Maryville Alcoa Trails

The new Maryville-Alcoa Greenway is a 9 mile trail connecting Springbrook Park in Alcoa with the Bicentennial Greenbelt and Sandy Springs Park in Maryville.


Springbrook Park, located in Alcoa, has a circular trail of 1.5 miles that features a pond, memorial trees, wildflowers, picnic tables, a playground and the Alcoa Swimming Pool. Parking and restrooms are provided next to a recreation building and pavilion with tennis courts, on Dalton Street.


The Greenway starts near the swimming pool, passes Alcoa Elementary School and Alcoa High School, crosses Springbrook Road near Edison Street and continues beside Pistol Creek to Maryville.


The Greenway joins the Bicentennial Greenbelt Park trail at the parking lot across from the Blount County Library. A circular trail of 2 miles features a lake and dam, fitness stations, a picnic pavilion and restrooms. There is access from the Chamber of Commerce parking lot, 201 S. Washington Street, Maryville, by turning right onto the sidewalk at the Church Street exit and taking the steps down to the trial. The Greenway continues from Bicentennial Park, starting across Lamar Alexander Parkway from behind the Blount County Courthouse.


The Greenway follows Pistol Creek, passing near Sam Houston Elementary School and Maryville Middle School to Sandy Springs Park.


Sandy Springs Park features trails, tennis and basketball courts, softball fields, playground, restrooms and picnic tables.


The Greenway starts again across the Best Street parking lot in Sandy Springs Park, continuing beside Pistol Creek and turning to follow Montgomery Lane to Mize Lane and Foothills Elementary School.


Maryville & Alcoa Trails Map