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Information contained within this web site is taken from "Hiking & Biking on the Peaceful Side of the Smokies" prepared by the Smoky Mountain Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Favorite Hiking Trails

Townsend, Blount County, Tennessee has many varied hiking trails designed to provide fun for the novice as well as offer a challenge to the experienced hiker. The trails listed are near the “Peaceful Side of the Smokies” – Townsend, Tennessee. Therefore, not all trails in the Smoky Mountains are listed in this brochure. A more comprehensive hiking guide and the official National Park Service map of the Smokies can be found at the Townsend Visitors Center.

Note: All distance shown
are round trip miles
Easy Trails
West Prong,
Abrams Falls
Rich Mountain Loop
Laurel Falls
Schoolhouse Gap
Cucumber Gap
Moderate Trails
Ace Gap
Rich Mountain
Russell Field
Chestnut Top
Lumber Ridge
Gregory Bald
Middle Prong

Strenuous Trails

Gregory Bald
Spence Field
Thunderhead Mountain



How Long Will It Take?

Two miles per hour is considered an average pace, while eight to ten miles is regarded as a maximum day –trip length. Be sure to take into account such factors as weather and group size when estimating traveling times.


How Should I Dress?

No mountain climbing equipment is needed. Comfortable walking shoes with extra socks or hiking boots are recommended for day walks. Be prepared for rain.


Hiking & Biking

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