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Dogwood Trees

C. alba
(Tatarian dogwood)

C. alba 'Argenteo-marginata'
(Silver-edged dogwood)

C. alba
(Siberian dogwood)

C. canadensis


C. florida
(Flowering dogwood)

C. kousa
(Kousa or Japanese dogwood)

C. mas
(Cornelian cherry)

C. nuttallii
(Pacific, Western or Mountain dogwood)

C. sericea, also called C. stolonifera
(Red osier dogwood)

C. sericea 'Flaviramea'
(Yellow-twigged dogwood)

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The cornelian cherry is entirely different from the Tatarian and red osier dogwood species. In the earliest days of spring its branches are laden with a golden mist of tiny flowers. The branches may be cut in midwinter and brought indoors to blossom earlier than the normal blooming season. Flowers are followed in late summer by 3/4-inch cherrylike fruit, which is excellent for preserves. Finally, in autumn, the 2-inch leaves turn deep, dramatic shades of red.

Cornelian cherry will grow 10 to 20 feet tall with a wide spread in Zones 4-8. It is fine for a mixed shrub border or a specimen, and it also can be sheared into a hedge.