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Dogwood Trees

C. alba
(Tatarian dogwood)

C. alba 'Argenteo-marginata'
(Silver-edged dogwood)

C. alba
(Siberian dogwood)

C. canadensis


C. florida
(Flowering dogwood)

C. kousa
(Kousa or Japanese dogwood)

C. mas
(Cornelian cherry)

C. nuttallii
(Pacific, Western
or Mountain dogwood)

C. sericea, also called C. stolonifera
(Red osier dogwood)

C. sericea 'Flaviramea'
(Yellow-twigged dogwood)

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The Pacific dogwood, C. nuttallii, native to the mountains that range from British Columbia to Southern California, eventually grows to a height of 20 to 30 feet and has six petals instead of the usual four which are sometimes tinged with pink. The flowers bloom not only in spring but often again in the fall, at which time they are interspersed with bright red to orange fruit clusters. The 3- to 5-inch leaves of the Pacific dogwood turn yellow and red in fall.