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Dogwood Trees

C. alba
(Tatarian dogwood)

C. alba 'Argenteo-marginata'
(Silver-edged dogwood)

C. alba
(Siberian dogwood)

C. canadensis


C. florida
(Flowering dogwood)

C. kousa
(Kousa or Japanese dogwood)

C. mas
(Cornelian cherry)

C. nuttallii
(Pacific, Western or Mountain dogwood)

C. sericea, also called C. stolonifera
(Red osier dogwood)

C. sericea 'Flaviramea'
(Yellow-twigged dogwood)

Red osier dogwood is fast-growing in wet areas of Zones 2-9 and has coral-red twigs. It rarely grows taller than 6 feet but spreads by underground runners to form wide clumps. Yellow-twigged dogwood is similar. Two recommended varieties of the red osier dogwood are C. sericea 'Kelseyi', Kelsey dogwood, whose bright red stems rarely exceed 2 feet in height, and C. sericea 'Flaviramea', the yellow-wigged dogwood, whose new stems are bright yellow instead of red.