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In order to provide a memento of the occupation of Korea, the idea of a pictorial history was conceived by the then Commanding General, 7th Infantry Division, Edwin W. Piburn.
The task was difficult due to the lack of information and pictures of the early months of the occupation, as records had been retired and sent to Washington. However, the officers and men responded enthusiastically. Ideas and information were submitted, and constructive criticism offered. To these people must go a large share of the credit. Pictures were received from personal collections within the Division, Signal Corps photographers, and the Division  photographer.
The staff who worked to assemble this book, in addition to their other duties, are as follows:


Major Bruce T. Falls, G-2, Officer in Charge / 1st Lt. John S. Gayle, Asst. G-2 Historical Officer / Sgt. 1/c Charles L. Clark, Operations / Sgt. Victor R. Kieser, Stenographer / Sgt. John P. McLaughlin, Staff Artist / Cpl. Theodore W. Elkins, Photographer


the Seventh Division

17th Infantry
31st Infantry
32d Infantry
Columbian Infantry
15th AAA Bn
29th AAA Bn
50th AAA Bn
13th Eng Cb Bn
31st FArty Bn
48th FArty Bn
49th FArty Bn
57th FArty Bn
7th Med Bn
73d Tank Bn
77th Tank Bn
Ethiopian Bn

AAA - Anti Aircraft Artillery / Bn - Battalion / Cb - Combat / Eng - Engineer / FArty - Field Artillery / Inf - Infantry

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