Seventh Division Special Troops


The Seventh Division Special Troops composed of the 707th Ordinance Company, 7th Quartermaster Company, 7th Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, 7th Military Police Platoon, 7th Division Band, 7th Signal Company and Headquarters and Headquarters company, performed their duties in an outstanding manner. The following is a brief resume of their histories.

The 7th Division Band was organized from the 17th and 32nd Infantry Bands, and was formed at Schofield Barracks, T.H. During combat, the “Music Makers” helped to guard the CP, thereby gaining experience as combat soldiers. The band was one of the first units to land in Korea, and their presence at parades, ceremonies, and athletic contests has been of no little value to the morale of the troops.

The 7th Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop was organized 10 June 1943, at Camp San Luis Obispo, as part of the 7th Infantry Division. The troop received two unit citations for its flank action on bloody Attu, and served with distinction throughout the entire Pacific campaign.

The 7th Quartermaster Company was organized in October 1942 at Fort Ord, California. As the Division fought through the varied conditions of terrain and temperature, the Quartermaster Company was ever ready with the necessary equipment that made our soldiers the best clothed and equipped army in the world.

The 7th Signal Company was organized at Fort Ord, California, on 15 June 1940. Throughout the Pacific campaigns, this company very capably performed its mission of furnishing communication to the units of the Division. During the Korean Occupation, communications assumed a greater importance as the units were widely separated and only very basic facilities existed. This unit was awarded the Meritorious Service Plaque on 27 April 1947.

The 707th Ordnance Company was organized at Fort Ord in 1940. This unit fought throughout the Pacific war and their careful maintenance of Ordnance equipment in the Division guaranteed that the 7th would always have functioning weapons. During the Occupation, the terrific wear and tear on equipment was a serious problem, but the 707th kept the Division in shape by their outstanding work.

The 7th Military Police Platoon organized at Fort Ord in 1940, was called upon to perform yeoman service many times, and their devotion to duty never faltered. Once the war ended the MP’s swung into their peace-time duties with energy and always courtesy. Their presence insured the reputation of the snappy and military 7th Infantry Division.

Headquarters Company was organized at Fort Ord in 1940, and from that time on, the brunt of the pick and shovel work fell on them. With the patience and fortitude so necessary to a headquarters organization, they quietly performed their duties, be it in a combat CP or around a Division headquarters in garrison.

To Special Troops, a true salute, for even though the line outfits belittled you, they nevertheless realized your worth, and appreciated the efficient service rendered.


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