The following information was taken from the publication on the left. It is by no means a thorough account of the Seventh Division nor was it intended to be. It is an outline of the Seventh Division in Korea.
Donated by Fred L. Speer. LC, Ret
7th Division Highlights / Special Troops /
History of the 17th Infantry Regiment / History of the 31st Infantry Regiment / History of the 32nd Infantry Regiment / History of the 184th Infantry Regiment /

Email regarding the book above. If anyone might know where one could be found please write to Alton G. Rogers at the email address below. Thanks.
Sent: Wed 3/24/2004 3:12 PM
At the following website  there is a picture of a book "7th Division in Korea" I received while with the occupation troops in Korea. I lost my book and many memories during the flood in 1979. Do you know where or if this publication can be found?
Thank you
Alton G. Rogers
Manvel, Texas (20 miles south of Houston)
Alton G. Rogers [email protected]
"B" Co. 31st Infantry Korea

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