KOREAN WAR 1950 - 1953


1,200,000 casualties of war

1950 Timeline  
25 June North Korean People's Army crosses the 38th parallel and invades South Korea (Republic of Korea). North Korean radio proclaims that the South Korean army had tried to invade North Korea (People's Democratic Republic of Korea) and that they had been forced to invade the south.
25 June UN Security Council calls for a withdrawal of North Korean troops.
UN Secretary-General Trygve Lie comments "This is war against the United Nations".
27 June UN Security Council calls for its member states to support South Korea.
27 June South Korean forces abandon Seoul.
27 June US president Harry S. Truman orders US Air Force and US Navy to help South Korea. US Seventh Fleet is ordered to "neutralize" the Formosa strait.
28 June North Korean forces capture Seoul.
28 June British Far Eastern Fleet is ordered to help South Korea.
28 June First combat missions over Korea flown by the US Air Force.
30 June American ground troops are sent to Korea and the Air Force is authorized to bomb targets in North Korea.
1 July The first american ground troops arrive in Korea (Task Force Smith), commanded by General William F. Dean.
2 July The North Korean navy is destroyed Off Chumunjin.
3 July South Korean troops are attacked by american places who mistake them for North Koreans.
3 July North Korean troops capture Inchon.
5 July The first battle between US ground forces and North Korean forces near Osan ends with a US withdrawal.
7 July General Douglas MacArthur is appointed Supreme Commander of United Nations Command in Korea.
13 July Lieutenant General Walton H. Walker is placed in charge of all ground operations in Korea.
15 July North Korean troops cross the Kum River after heavy fighting with US troops.
20 July North Korean troops capture Taejon. Major General William Dean is taken prisoner.
29 July Chian Kai-shek offer to send 33.000 soldiers to Korea, but the United Nations decline the offer.
30 July The defense of the Pusan Perimeter begin.
1 Aug Soviet Union ends it boycott of the UN Security Council.
4 Aug Jacob Malik, UN delegate from the Soviet Union, calls the Korean War a "civil war" and demands with withdrawal of "all foreign troops from Korea".
4 Aug North Korean troops establish a bridgehead across the Naktong River.
6 Aug North Korean offensive threaten the US headquarter at Taegu.
10 Aug Warren Austin, UN delegate from the USA, states that the goal of the United Nations in the unification of Korea.
17 Aug US Marines attack No-Name Ridge, gaining the first military victory of the UN forces.
29 Aug British forces arrive in Korea.
1 Sep North Korean troops begin offensive against Pusan
15 Sep UN forces land at Inchon (Operation Chromite).
16 Sep UN forces begin offensive from the Pusan Perimeter.
25 Sep North Korean troops break and run with UN forces in pursuit.
28 Sep UN forces recapture Seoul.
30 Sep Chou En-lai, foreign minister of China, warns "the Chinese people will not supinely tolerate seeing their neighbors being savagely invaded by the imperialists".
1 Oct South Korean troops cross the 38th parallel.
1 Oct MacArthur calls upon North Korea to surrender.
2 Oct Chou En-lai informs the Indian ambassador to Beijing that China will intervene in the Korean War if US forces cross the 38th parallel.
7 Oct UN General Assembly authorizes UN forces to cross the 38th parallel.
7 Oct US forces cross the 38th parallel.
8 Oct Mao Tse Tung orders Chinese "volunteers" to cross the Korean border.
9 Oct UN forces cross the 38th parallel.
10 Oct South Korean troops capture Wonsan.
16 Oct The Chinese troops cross the Yalu and enters Korea.
19 Oct UN forces capture Pyongyang, capital of North Korea.
25 Oct Chinese forces begin their offensive in Korea.
26 Oct US forces land at Wonsan.
1 Nov Chinese forces begin a massive offensive.
5 Nov MacArthur informs the UN that Chinese forces are fighting in Korea.
16 Nov President Truman declares that the US has not intention to invade China.
21 Nov American troops reach the Yalu.
24 Nov General MacArthur announces the "win-the-war" offensive.
26 Nov Chinese troops begin a counter-offensive.
27 Nov Chinese troops encircle US 1st Marine Division at Chosin Reservoir.
5 Dec Chinese troops capture Pyongyang.
10 Dec 1st Marine Division breaks out of the Chosin Reservoir.
11 Dec UN forces begin evacuating from Hungnam.
25 Dec Chinese troops cross the 38th parallel.
27 Dec General Walton Walker is killed in a road accident and is replaced by General Matthew B. Ridgway



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