KOREAN WAR 1950 - 1953


1,200,000 casualties of war

1951 Timeline  
1 Jan Chinese and North Korean forces begin a massive offensive.
4 Jan Chinese and North Korean forces capture Seoul.
7 Jan Chinese and North Korean forces capture Wonju.
14 Jan UN forces halt the offensive along the 37th parallel.
25 Jan UN forces begin counter-offensive.
1 Feb UN General Assembly labels China "aggressor".
10 Feb UN forces recapture Inchon.
11 Feb Chinese and North Korean forces begin counter-offensive.
15 Feb Chinese counter-offensive halted at Chipyong-ni.
18 Feb UN forces launch "Killer" offensive.
7 Mar UN forces launch "Ripper" offensive.
15 Mar UN-forces recapture Seoul.
21 Mar UN forces recapture Chunchon.
3 Apr UN forces 38:e parallel.
11 Apr President Truman relieves MacArthur as Supreme Commander of UN forces and replace him with General Matthew Ridgway.
22 Apr Chinese forces begin offensive.
1 May Chinese offensive halted north of Seoul.
10 May Chinese forces resume offensive.
20 May UN forces halt the Chinese offensive.
28 May UN forces recapture Hwachon and Inje.
13 June UN forces recapture Chorwon and Kumhwa.
23 June Jacob Malik, UN delegate from the Soviet Union, propose truce.
30 June General Ridgway offers to discuss a cease-fire.
1 July North Korean leader Kim Il Sung and Peng Teh-haui, commander of the chinese force, agree to cease-fire talks.
8 July Colonel Andrew Kinney arrive at Kaesong (site of the planned talks) and find that the "neutral" site was filled with north Korean soldiers.
10 July Truce talks begin in Kaesong between the UN delegation (led by Vice-Admiral Charles Turner Joy) and the Chinese/North Korean delegation (led by Lieutenant General Nam Il).
5 Aug UN leaves the truce talks due to North Korean troops in the neutral sector.
10 Aug Truce talks resumed.
23 Aug China leaves the truce talks due to alleged bombing of their delegation by the UN forces.
25 Oct Truce talks resumed, this time at Panmunjom.
12 Nov General Ridgway orders all offensive operations to cease.
26 Nov "Little Armistice" begins.
18 Dec Prisoner of war lists exchanged.
27 Dec "Little Armistice" ends.


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