KOREAN WAR 1950 - 1953


1,200,000 casualties of war

1952 Timeline  
2 Jan UN proposes that voluntary repatriation shall be used in the POW-exchange.
3 Jan China & North Korea rejects the UN proposal.
7 May Chinese and North Korean POW's riot on Koje Island.
7 May General Mark Clark replaces General Ridgway as Supreme Commander of the UN forces.
22 May Major General William Harrison replaces Vice-Admiral Joy as leader of the UN delegation.
10 June American troops use force to put down the prison riot at Koje Island. Pravda denounce the american troops and state that the UN forces have "surpassed" Adolf Hitler.
23 June UN begin bombing targets in North Korea.
8 Oct UN leaves truce talks until China & North Korea accepts its proposal on the POW-exchange.
4 Nov Dwight Eisenhower elected president of the USA.
17 Nov India introduces compromise truce plan.
15 Dec China rejects the Indians compromise plan


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