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Names Submitted:
Tollton E. Coulter, 01328125, Second Lieutenant, Infantry, Company C, 254th Infantry Regiment of the Sixty Third Infantry Division.
Robert C. Jackson
Perry Shields - 104 Infantry Division
Robert Boring - Desert Storm - I was in the 3/187INF of the 101st airborne division at Ft. Campbell, Ky. I served in Saudi Arabia prior to the invasion until the war was over. My name is Clark Boring, and I was born and raised in Blount County. [email protected]
Earl Poplin 93rd Artillery Division contact: Tanner Caylor Email
Robert Maples Airborne

John R. Hamil; native Blount County
Born: 1913 in Friendsville, Tennessee
Contact: Don Hamil 865-983-6572
Served: 1942 to 1945; inducted at camp Oglethorpe . West Coast 13th Armor Div at Camp Beale . Camp Bowie, Texas .  June of 44 entered Europe (England) . Tank Gunner . Assigned to 80th Infantry Division in France . Battle of the Bulge.


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