U.S. 155mm Howitzer M1

Weight 13,400 lbs.
Dimensions Length: 26 ft., 6 in.; Height: 6 ft., 11-1/2 in.; Width: 7 ft., 11-1/2 in.
Range 16,600 yds. normal; 21,125 yds. with supercharge
Rate of fire Rounds per minute in bursts: 4; in prolonged fire: 1
Ammunition Separate loading. HE, WP and chemical smoke. Projectile weight: 55 lbs.
Carriage Type: 2-wheel split trail.
Traverse 26-1/2 degrees right & left


+60 degrees, -2 degrees. Fires from wheels or firing jack. Min. time to emplace: 5 min.

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