Battery C - 191 F.A. (Field Artillery) - 2nd Battalion Camp Forrest Tennessee  April 30, 1941

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l James Match l James Gillespie l Joe Roddy l James Hinton l Thomas Pat Hill l Samuel Baumgardner l
l James Reed l Rupert Boyatt l Edwin Teffeteller l John Woods l Cecil Burchfield l Harold Walker l
l Harold Everett l Claude Everett l George Hyde l James Garrett l Leslie Boyd l Wendell Cable l

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l Jack Matthews l Eugene DeLozier l Don Hammontree l Harold Ammons l Ernest Havens l Claude Moore l
l Raymond Dixon l Robin Smith l Carl Fife l Carson Scarbrough l George Long l Henry Arp l
l Robert Bryant l Lakes England l Richard Presely l Dempster Maples l Alvin Gibson l Richard Brooks l

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l J. C. Carrigan l Charles McCall l Thomas Rogers l Paul Triplett l Fred Webb l Earl Cochran l
l Cliff White l Clyde Moore l Tommy Eakins l George Garner l Joe Borden l John Hill l
l Charles Harvey l James Turner l Nick Russell l Jessie Burchfield l

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l William H. Wright l Ray Tipton l Claude Mashburn l Earl Garner l Bob Jackson l Lt. Haughland l
l Capt. Leonard Frye l Lt. Eugene Payne l Robert Cook l William P. Wilson l Joe Garland l
l Clyde Crouse l Floyd Porter l Robert (Bob) Martin l Ivan Chambers l

*Not Pictured

Vernon Moore, J. U. Wheeler, Edgar Miles, Walter Chambers, Paul Beck, Melvin Hyde,
Paul Davis, Roy L. Moore, Paul McDaniel

Note: *According to Vernon Moore the men not pictured were assigned to the newly formed Army Tank Destroyers. Some of the men eventually returned to the 191st and others stayed with the Tank Destroyers which would later be abolished. From what I understand the weapons being developed were ineffective and not proven. The concept evolved back to tanks fighting tanks. Evidently in the development of the Tank Destroyers (as a weapon) it became increasingly as armored as a tank was thus the Army disbanded the concept and the idea came back full circle and tanks continued to fight tanks. I believe these men left the 191st sometime in 1941, a few returned, some continued until the Tank Destroyers were abolished in 1945
(These notes were taken down during a conversation with Vernon More and I don't completely trust my note taking. If there are discrepancies please email me)

Living Members of Battery C

20451092 Dallas Joe Garland 20451126 James C. Hinton
20451093 Noah Ray Tipton 20451133 Dempster A. Maples
20451094 Earl D. Garner 20451141 Roy Lee Moore
20451099 Robert A. Martin 20451144 Edgar Miles
20451104 Bose L. Martin 20451149 Don Leatherwood
20451107 Hayes W. Ridge 20451155 George Webb Garner
20451110 Vernon C. Moore 20451157 Claude Everett
20451114 Cecil E. Burchfield 20451157 Henry C. Arp
20451116 Joe F. Borden 20451162 Harold E. Ammons
20451118 Leslie C. Boyd   Everett Newman Smith

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