Robert C. Jackson


Gifts made by Mrs. Robert C. Jackson Center for the Study of War and Society at the University of Tennessee

1 issue: News From Home
1 issue: Pictorial History, 75th Field Artillery Brigade
1 issue: Wings Over the Pacific
1 issue: Plane Wrangler
1 issue: Saturday Evening Post, article on the 7th Army
1 issue: Maryville Times, story of Battery C reunion
3 issues: Form One

Income Tax Forms, 1942-1943
Equipment issue records, 17 pieces
Pilot flight log, 2 v.
Personnel Records file, 28 pieces
Veterans benefits records, 20 pieces
Discharge records, 11 pieces
Special orders file, 42 pieces
Pilot's Information File, 51 pieces
Letter of recommendation from John Jennings, Jr., February 17, 1942
4 confidential congratulatory messages on missions completed
1 Japanese leaflet

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