Camp Forrest
Tullahoma, Tennessee

Brief Look at Camp Forrest

I want to thank all those who have emailed me with various request and contributed photographs pertaining to Camp Forrest. This particular site inside theBlountWeb has generated thousands of visits over the years. I feel I need to step it up a notch or two and spread it out a little for those who might happen onto it. Again my thanks.
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Units Stationed or Reactivated
at Camp Forrest

Tennessee Maneuvers


Email Call
Some of these conversations are ongoing and some are not. They are posted here in order that others may see, and hopefully information can be exchanged to those with questions they have seeking to locate or get information on friends of the past. Other emails are sent to me containing information, photographs which they would like to share with visitors to this site.

Betty Cook - Looking for Info or Photograph
I am Looking for possible a picture or info on any one that may have heard of An John W Page Jr. whom enlisted at CP Forrest Tennessee on 11/26/1941 he was... MORE

Linda Cole - Sketch
I am attaching a sketch of Camp Forrest that was done by a POW there about 1945.  My step-father served as an interpreter there during the war as he was born in Germany... MORE

Jeanie Zalmanek - Reflections
I believe it was in 1942 that we arrived in Tullahoma to live.  My father was at northern field as the first temporary commanding officer until the... MORE

Sterling Whalen - Seeking Information
Seeking information from anyone who knew my uncle. Cpl John M. Hutcheson. Co. M. 131st Infantry Regiment. 33rd Infantry Division. Camp Forrest Tn... MORE

Louis Buzek - Photograph
Message: I've just begun to write my own personal memoirs of the time I spent in Camp Forrest: from October 1942 to February 1946, and in... MORE

William Shaw - Looking prisoner artist
My Father was an MP during WW2 at this installation . A prisoner there drew a beautiful picture of my Mother while he was there... MORE

Molly Frasier- Looking for more information
Me and a friend are very curios about learning of camp Forrest in Tullahoma TN we live in Manchester and from what little we have read we would love to read... MORE

Alton Rogers - Searching for book
Message: There is a picture of a book "7th Division in Korea" I received while with the occupation troops in Korea. I lost my book... MORE

Wolfgang Reiszmann - Photograph
Over the past year or so Wolfgang has sent me many photographs of Camp Forrest. His father, Erich Reissmann was a prisoner at Camp Forrest. Send more Wolfgang!... MORE

Bob Seymour - Photographs
Bob submitted these photographs for publication. Bob has corresponded with me for the past couple of years... thanks Bob.

Leo E. Ours Jr. - Photographs
hotographs submitted by Leo Ours Jr. I hope to hear from Leo again. Thanks to Leo and all others who have written to this site and submitted information. MORE

Will Hawkins - Reflections
We moved to Winchester in early 1941 when my Father was stationed at Camp Forest as a Capt. I can remember being out with my Dad... MORE

Frank Hinchey - Searching for information on brother-in-law's father
I came upon your Internet post concerning your uncle who was in Co. C. 1st Bn 254th Inf. Reg during World War II. I am helping my brother-in-law, Dick Flaig of Cincinnati... MORE

Randy Houser - Sharing Information
Camp Forrest was called a POW camp in 1942, however it was in fact initially an internment camp for German, Japanese, and Italian civilian aliens. My German... MORE 

Lloyd Lewis Adams - Seeking Soldier
My father M/Sgt. Charles J. Adams was a part of the initial cadre when Camp Forrest was activated in Feb. 1941, he served as the Camp Sergeant Major ... MORE

Mary Ann Potter - Seeking Information
Wonderful site!!! My father, Sgt. Henry Sikkema, was stationed at Camp Forrest when it was a POW camp.  I was born in the hospital there on site in April of 1945... MORE  

Bill & Agnes Jones - Doing Research
We hope to do a history of the range which was an annex of Camp Forrest. We know that C Battery of the 191st trained on this range... MORE

Women Veterans Historical Collection Oral History Project
Dorothy M. Miller
From there, I was sent to Camp Forest, Tennessee. That's where I know I spent the most time, was at Camp Forest. At Camp Forest, Tennessee, when we went there, it was a little crowded, but it was where soldiers had lived, and they converted the barracks for the women. Only thing they did, they just changed the urinal, and they closed the latrine, is what it was called... GO TO SITE


Prisoner of War Camp
Camp Forrest officially became a prisoner of war camp on May 12, 1942. The camp housed Italian and German POWs. Prisoners were processed as laborers at Camp Forrest, the hospitals and in the local community on farms.


World War II Enemy
Alien Control Program
In 1945 the U.S. government implemented an Intellectual Diversion Program which would enlighten Germany on American way of life and increase their appreciation for our country. This program used educational and recreational media to change views of POW's. The program was successful with many prisoners.

German Prisoners

Germans, too, were imprisoned in WWII
Fate then shipped Ebel to Camp Forrest in Tennessee, where he spent two or three months. That camp was emptied out and turned into a POW camp, and Ebel was transferred to Fort Lincoln in North Dakota...
Escape Attempt
The earliest recorded escape attempt occurred on November 5, 1942. Two German prisoners, Karl Kuft and Hans Jourat, jumped from the train carrying them from a transshipment point at Cincinnati, Ohio, to their new homes at Camp Forrest, Tennessee. They were apprehended two days...
Italian American Prisoners
The major internment sites for Italian Americans were Fort George Meade in Maryland, Camp McAlester in Oklahoma,
Fort Sam Houston in Texas, and Camp Forrest in Tennessee. Italian Americans were also sent...


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