Camp Forrest
Tullahoma, Tennessee

Alton G. Rogers
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If anyone knows the whereabouts of
a copy of this pictorial history
of the Seventh Division in Korea please contact me or Alton Rogers.


Camp Forrest during World War II

Message, Wed 3/24/2004:
At the following website   there is a picture of a book "7th Division in Korea" I received while with the occupation troops in Korea. I lost my book and many memories during the flood in 1979. Do you know where or if this publication can be found?
Thank you,
Alton G. Rogers
"B" Co. 31st Infantry Korea 1948-49
Manvel, Texas (20 miles south of Houston)
I was looking for this 7th Division in Korea Book earlier. My email address has changed. Can you make a correction for me. My new and permanent email address is [email protected]