Homer C. Burns, Seaman First Class

Homer C. Burns, Seaman First Class, son of Mrs. Homer G. Burns, Townsend, never saw V-J Day. No member of the crew of the destroyer USS Albert W. Grant celebrated on the 2nd of September.

The Albert W. Grant was southwestward bound from the Bering Sea for the occupation of Japan. When V-J Day was about to come up on the calendar, the ship crossed the International Dateline and it was September 3rd.

Men of the Grant saw action in Hollandia, Saipan, the Palous, Leyte, Brunie Bay, Balikappan, Truk, and Santugatio Strait in the Philippines.

The Grant  crew fought long and hard for V-J Day, but could not celebrate it officially with the rest of the world.

Source: Maryville Enterprise / Thursday October 11, 1945
"V-J Day Ghost for Local Seaman"