Leonard W. Freels, Navy Seaman, 1st class
Leonard W. Freels, Seaman, 1st class, 103 Main road, Eagleton Village, Maryville, and Walter H. Martin, seaman, first class, of Walland, serving on the flagship USS San Francisco, in Adm. Kincaidís powerful 7th fleet, helped support the landings of American occupation troops in Korea and helped in the evacuation of prisoners of war from southern Korea.

The San Francisco, heroine in the battle of Guadalcanal and holder of one of the great combat records for warships, stood off shore with her sister ships on the first day of the occupation, ready for any eventuality. On the second day of occupation, after safety was assured, the crews took sunbaths, played volleyball, did calisthenics and participated in the recreational activities.

The San Francisco took part in 17 major actions from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo. She sank or helped sink nine Jap warships and shot down 13 planes. At Guadalcanal, she sustained 45 hits, 15 of major caliber, but remained afloat. 

Source: Maryville Enterprise / Thursday October 11, 1945
"Blount Sailor Helps Land Troops For Occupation"