Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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These points of interest appear in the order of the trip you will take around the Loop Road
01 Sparks Lane 02 John Oliver Place 03 Primitive Baptist Church 04 Methodist Church 05 Hyatt Lane 06 Missionary Baptist Church  07 Rich Mountain Road 08 Cooper Road Trail 09 Elijah Oliver Place 10 Abrams Falls 11 Cable Mill Area 12 Henry Whitehead Place 13 Nature Trail  14 Dan Lawson Place 15 Tipton Place 16 Carter Shields Cabin.



Nature Trail


For those with small children it is recommend you use the Cades Cove Nature Trail, located about 7 miles from the loop road entrance and less than 1 mile past the visitor center. This trail is located directly off the loop road, so you can park your car right at the trailhead. The total hike is only a two mile circle and can easily be done in an hour. There is a brochure at the beginning to orient you and describe what your seeing along the way. Despite its convenience, you will seldom encounter large crowds on this easy hike.


Submitted Photographs
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Photo by Tony Peronne Photo by Sarah Speer