Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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These points of interest appear in the order of the trip you will take around the Loop Road
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Tipton Place


Hamp Tipton had this house built a few years after the Civil War. In 1878, James McCaulley, a blacksmith, lived here until he built his own house. The Maryville Index cheered McCaulley's arrival in the Cove, declaring that his ironworking skills would supply a long needed want. This explains the presence of the blacksmith shop in the hollow beside the house.

The long shed on the opposite side of the house is an apiary or bee gum stand. Honey was a common confection, and also a money crop for some farmers. The apiary sheltered the hives from the weather, but not from bears.

The smokehouse in the front yard held the winter's supply of meat and the woodshed kept firewood handy.

Across the road is a double pen corn crib, larger than average, and having a driveway through the center.

Behind the corn crib stands a replica of a cantilever barn. Built in 1968, it is similar to the original that stood on the site..


Tipton Place is a small cluster of buildings that is located very close to and on both side of the road. The building include the house pictured above, blacksmith shop, smokehouse, wood shed, cantilever barn (pictured below), and corn crib


Tipton Place Photographs
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  Photo by Bruce Lemanski  

Tipton Place
Latitude: N 3535'XX"
Longitude: W 8350'XX"
Elevation: xx