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Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday from 8 AM till 5 PM


Billy Whitehead

Larry Whitehead

Upon visiting the mill for the first time, there were three things that impressed me greatly about it. One was that the mill was not pretentious. The second was that the brothers were not pretentious, and we certainly weren't pretentious either.
The mill stands as an operating business, not tidy (that's what we liked about it), but at the same time functional and in order.
It is not decorated in traditional garb, falsely made to look its age, like many of the structures that have survived somewhat intact over the years. There are no imported souvenirs to buy, nothing that makes it another of the all-too-familiar “tourist-trap.”  It is just a mill that has been there for a long time.
Billy and Larry were not falsely decorated either. They weren’t wearing traditional garb to make them look like 19th century mill workers, but were plainly dressed in blue jeans and t-shirts. Billy and Larry are just two brothers operating a family business. Talking with them on the porch of the mill, their honesty and sincerity was open and obvious. Larry took the time to go to their mother’s house to dig out the small amount of history published here, while Billy gave Steve, a tour of the mill, answering any questions he could about the operation, of which he remembered absolutely nothing. More the reason to return!

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