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Clover Hill Mill provides a link to the past. It is a working business that has operated for over 150 years. The original mill was built by David McKamey in 1849 on a branch of Bakerís Creek in Blount County, Tennessee, near the city of Maryville. Powered by water, it produced products for the community. The mill was destroyed by fire in 1921, but rebuilt the same year and still operates out of the rebuilt structure. Changes in the operation have occurred over the years, including the conversion from waterpower to electrical power. At the present time, the mill is owned and operated by brothers Billy and Larry Whitehead. They have operated the mill since 1978, when they took over the operation from their father, Oscar Whitehead, who had purchased it twenty years previously.

The machinery is fascinating in every sense of the word
Thank God, man will never computerize this small piece of the past.




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