Vinyl Sheet
Vinyl Tile

Laminate flooring is a multi-layered product developed to perform as a highly durable, easy-to-clean-floor. A laminate floor provides the realistic look of wood, tile, stone and other more expensive options, but often at a lower cost. These high-tech floors are durable and possess an ease of maintenance that can't be found in natural wood, tile or stone.

Choose from three different forms of laminate: strips, planks, or squares. Almost any wood, tile, or stone look is available and unusual or "ultra-dramatic" looks are easy to achieve. For example, exotic woods like teak, bamboo, and apple wood. In their natural forms, these materials are typically out of most homeowners' budget range, but with laminate they become more manageable.
Mixing and matching laminate styles is a great way to achieve a look that's all your own. Unlike wood, laminate floors can't be refinished down the road, should your tastes change. However, laminate floors of the "locking" variety (i.e., installed without glue) can be easily removed and replaced.
Laminate floors are extremely durable. The wear layer, combined with the strength of the core, make laminate highly resistant to scratches, dents and dings, as well as to moisture and stains. Although not waterproof, laminate floors are more resistant to water damage than traditional wood floors. Most manufacturers guarantee the surface will not fade or wear through.
Maintenance & Care
Cleanup is quick, easy and minimal. The high-tech surface of a laminate floor is designed to be cleaned by vacuuming and occasional damp mopping. Spills wipe up with a damp cloth.
Installation: Do-It-Yourself -- Or Not?
Laminate floors can be installed professionally. However, depending on the complexity of the job, and how handy a homeowner you are, you may be able to install it yourself. There are two types of laminate floor installation systems available: standard glue and locking laminate. The standard glue system is the traditional method. It requires glue and clamps to hold the boards in place. This system is best suited for the more sophisticated do-it-yourselfer or professional installer. Newer locking laminates are easier and faster to install than standard glue systems. There's no waiting for the glue to dry, and furniture can be moved back onto the floor immediately after installation. Armstrong's ArmaLockTM Installation System is especially easy because it has a uniquely designed profile that automatically aligns the boards and locks them together for a precision fit.


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