The Heaven Sent Home... A Christian Shelter


The Heaven Sent Home is designated as a temporary, emergency shelter for women and children that are misplaced, abused or both. For whatever the reason you find yourself without a home please call so that we may help and offer direction for shelter and protection.
In this self-help center women are given the opportunity to live in a safe and clean environment. They will learn independent living skills and receive counseling on behavior modification based on the Christian faith.
Clients will be provided with the resources for education, housing and job placement. Independent counselors and agencies will be invited to give group counseling sessions and women will be given every opportunity available for a new start on a safe and independent life.

For the safety of all residents the location of the shelter must be kept confidential.
All residents will be encouraged to pursue an order of protection for their own safety as well ass others living around them.  

All residents and staff are expected to conduct themselves in a Christian-like manner at all times.
No alcohol on premises
No drugs or drug paraphernalia
No firearms or other weapons
No profanity
No loaning money or items of value among clients and staff
All prescription medications are to be distributed by staff. This is for the safety of the children.
Cleanliness and up-keep of personal living areas will be the responsibility of each client.
Appliances such as coffee pots are not allowed in personal living areas.
All clients are expected to participate in chores. They will be posted daily.
All clients will follow the schedules for lights-out times. This is for the physical and mental well being of all residentsand will also be posted daily.
Mothers are expected to be in control of their children and know where they are at all times. There will be NO physical punishment of any kind toward children. Time-out may be used.

Experienced workers voluntarily staff the shelter. All volunteers are strictly screened, required to give solid references and are subject to thorough investigative background checks.

The home is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible and are used solely for the benefit of the clients.
Donations are gladly accepted and may be made by calling 865-977-8882 or 256-7508.
We will accept any kind of donations. (Like cars, furniture, personal items, TVs) or whatever you feel like you dont need.

Founded January 7th, 2003
By Cathy Potter under the direction of God. Assisted by Rev Jerry and Doris Dixon. To be a Christian home to help gods children in need.

Cathy Potter - Director
Rev. Jerry Dixon - Assistant
Sheila Orrick - AA Staff Counselor
Telephone: 865-977-8882
Cathy Potter cell 865-256-7508
P.O. Box 7054
Maryville, TN 37802