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Museum Concept
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Little River Railroad and Lumber Company


The Museum will require additional exhibition structures as the volume of acquired or developed historical items increases and we suggest approaching the Southern Railroad again for another donation of boxcars for this need.

The boxcars would be in character with the Museum and their windowless steel construction makes them reasonably vandal and fire resistive. The floor elevation of the boxcars would be five to six feet above ground level giving a goodly measure of flood protection as the proposed site is in a flood plain of Little River. Elevating the Walland Station with the addition of a freight platform will agree with the general elevations as projected by adjacent railway rolling stock and will make the building more flood resistive.

The Museum would be operated by interested persons and youth, such as the Junior Achievement Class from area schools with oversight and supervision by the Board in conjunction with the respective school authorities.

Monday - Saturday

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The continuing collection process of items, general writings, interviews, photographs, tools, etc., could be undertaken by interested persons and area school youth such as English, Journalism and History majors on a "Foxfire Books Basis," wherein the young interview the elderly with oversight and supervision by the Board in conjunction with the respective school authorities.

The anticipated capital cost and continued operating expenses would be funded by membership fees, private donations, private foundation and corporate grants, fundraising events such as box suppers at "Old Timers Day," the sale of quality souvenirs, the "Jawboning" efforts of the Board and Members, and lastly, the lowest possible attendance fees to the Museum if absolutely needed.

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The initial $33,000.00 Capital could be assembled on a pledge basis with collection deferred until the pledging was completed prior to purchase. The advantages of a pledge system are that the contributor can anticipate and so budget their gift knowing the ultimate use of their donation.

This proposal operating along the aforementioned principles has the capacity to allow participation in the Museum's creation by the entire community in a hobby-type atmosphere on a give-what-you-can or -are-able basis. The communication between generations is in character with the cultural heritage idea and will benefit the community as well as those who take part.

To this end we propose that a dedication of the Museum should simply read: LITTLE RIVER RAILROAD and LUMBER COMPANY MUSEUM ESTABLISHED by MEMBERS and FRIENDS on NOVEMBER 30, 1982.

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I hope you enjoy your visit to the LRR&LC Museum WebSite.
Sandy Headrick
Project Director