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Over a few short years I've see the ravages and rape of the community that "progress" has brought upon Blount County.  Its rolling hills, farmland and the shores of our wonderful lakes, streams and rivers have been replaced with cabins, condos and homes of every description. The beauty has been used as a marketing tool to sell this land like a side of beef has scared it forever...
... thank God it has finally slowed down thanks to the financial crisis.




Please let us know where you are from.


Mountain Smoke is dedicated to photographs of our community, Blount County Tennessee.

There is a price on everything
and beautiful country is no exception. I use this site to
capture photographs of things
that remain.


Our "greener pastures" are
turning to sub-divisions and pavement, if you are looking for greener pastures you'll have to
look elsewhere.

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or call 865-983-5999



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