Brake Service

Expect to pay between $80 and $150 to properly replace your front OR your rear brakes. That estimate can easily double if drums or rotors need to be replaced or if any repairs have to be made to your calipers, wheel cylinders or master cylinder. 85% of all of the brake jobs we do are within the above range.

A good technician can read the old disc brake pads and tell if everything is okay. If the inside pad is worn more than the outside one, the caliper needs to be serviced because it's hanging up. If the outside pad is worn more than the inside one, the mounting hardware is causing the caliper to hang up. This repair should include the replacement of the mounting hardware. Otherwise, if there isn't a symptom, then don't authorize a repair.

At Murrell Tires we think brake repair is one area that is oversold. Too many wheel cylinders and calipers are replaced and/or rebuilt because of what may happen. Brake repair, suspension work and shock and strut replacement are the areas you're most likely to be ripped off.

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