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Mixing Tires

Broadly speaking, tires should not be mixed. It is preferable that all tires on a vehicle should be the same brand, performance rating, size, and construction, unless the vehicle was engineered for front and rear tires of different sizes.

If there is no choice but to mix tires:

  • Match the tire sizes on an axle in pairs (except when it's necessary to use a temporary spare).
  • If two radial tires and two non-radial tires must be fitted to a vehicle, always put the radials on the rear.
  • Always match tires sizes and constructions on 4 wheel-drive vehicles.
  • Snow tires can be fitted in pairs on rear wheel drive vehicles, but on front wheel drive vehicles tires should be fitted on all four positions.
  • Safety Note:
    Failure to fit four (4) tires of the same size/construction, type and required performance rating to a performance vehicle may result in seriously deteriorated handling and control. M8S designated tires must be fitted in sets of four to performance vehicles.

    Jim Murrell, John Murrell and Logan Bordner have all the technical information
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    tires for their automobile or light truck. They also make a recommendation as to
    which repairs need to be handled now or in the near future.

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