Pressure Loss

While a tire is carefully designed to contain air, some leaks out. Air leakage can occur over time through the tire itself, through the valve core and at the rim. Typically, leakage results in a loss of about 1 psi inflation per month. At that rate it won't take long for a tire to become excessively under inflated.

Allen Cox gauges the tire pressure on a customer's vehicle.

Bobby Henry replaces windshield wiper blades as an additional service provided here at Murrell Brothers Tire, Inc.

Undetected punctures, bruise damage, cuts, and rim/ valve damage may produce more rapid air loss. Under inflated tires in general and performance radials in particular, may not convey a message of under inflation to the driver until heat failure or rim dislodgment occurs. Therefore, cold inflation pressures must be checked as often as possible.

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