"When tyrants ask you to yield one jot of your liberty, and you consent thereto,
it is the first link forged in the chain that will eventually hold you in bondage."

Sam Houston

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Facts about Sam Houston
Born, March 2, 1793, Rockbridge Co., Va.
Moved to Maryville, Tennessee in 1808, with his widowed mother, 5 brothers and 3 sisters.
In Tennessee he became:
A brave soldier and a U.S. Lieutenant.
A practicing attorney.
The Attorney General of the state.
A U.S. Congressman, two terms.
The Governor.
As a Texan Houston:
Practiced law.
Was Commander-In-Chief of the Army.
Liberated Texas from Mexican rule.
Served as the first President of the Republic (three terms).
Was instrumental in annexing Texas to the United States.
Served as a U.S. Senator for 14 years.
Died at Huntsville, Texas July 26, 1863.

Sam Houston, written by Kristie Susan McCarter, a 5th grade student from Porter Elementary School, Maryville, Tennessee... Her Site