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A fire is no fun...but practicing fire safety
can be. Here are some fire safety rules
that the whole family can practice together.

Sketch the layout of each floor, including windows,
doors, and stairways.
Make sure that every
family member is familiar with the layout.
Work out TWO escape routes from each
room and mark them clearly on the sketch.

Hold frequent fire drills, including some at night,

so everyone will know what to do and be
able to act quickly in an emergency.

Assign a member of the family to be

responsible for the elderly or the very young
to help them escape.
A 'buddy system' should be
organized to ensure their safety.

Designate a meeting place outside of the

home and instruct everyone to go there
at once in case of fire.

COUNT heads, stay together and DO NOT go

back into the house for personal belongings

Now, have someone call the fire department from the nearest available phone by
dialing 911.