Dolores received many awards at art shows across the country and has had several newspaper articles about her life and work. Many organizations had her design their brochures, including the Chamber of Commerce and the National Park Service. Her works have been featured on several magazine covers.

The following is the work of Delores Roberson listed by Subject.


Audacity squirrel on fence post
Red Wolf
Full Circle 
fawn/pink flowers
Fulfilled Circle
buck and doe
Just Browsin’ deer herd in snow
World of Wonder raccoon, fawn, chipmunk, & fox
Natural Wonders bobcat family
Trophy Miniature Only - Buck Head
Kate Miniature Only - Black Bear


Feathered Friends
Springsong Mockingbird in Dogwoods
The Sentinel Bald Eagle
Nesters Cardinal family in Cherry tree
The Collectors Robins in a nest with a bracelet
High and Mighty Mountain scene with Flying Hawk
Briar Berry Brunch Cardinals in the snow
Black Capped Chickadee bird in the snow


Flora & Fauna
Flowers in a bowl with a note
Touch of Love Flowers in a basket with a note
Mountain Laurel Flowers
Mountain Rhododendron Flowers
Iris Lullaby I Flower
Iris Lullaby II Flower
Mountain Bouquet Flowers in a mason jar with butterflies
Lily Pads Flowers on lily pads
Spring Hopes Eternal Dogwood and Butterflies
Spring Comes to the Forest Floor Stump with flowers and butterflies
Forever Flowers Flowers in a mason jar with a note


Original Americans Native American boy and girl
Let The Oppressed Go Free Poster-Statue of Liberty
Another Time Cabin with blooming Redbud
Gentle September Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, TN
First Watch Cabin in the snow with grouse
Primitive Baptist Church Church in Cades Cove
Wages of Sin, The


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