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The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Psalms 9:9

The Florence Crittenton Agency, first chartered in 1896, is a 55-bed comprehensive treatment facility for troubled young women in crisis or at risk.
The Crittenton Program provides residential care and counseling for pregnant and non-pregnant teens. Outreach services are also provided for teens with behavioral and emotional difficulties and families in crisis. Foster care services provide caring  homes for teens in our care.
We also provide care for  substance abuse counseling,  to help young women live independently and productively.
Outreach programs operated by the Agency include a teen pregnancy prevention program (STARS), and child and parenting skills training (CAPS).

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If you are tired of doing it your way with the same old results, then allow the Lord to give you a life full of His peace and healing.  He leaves the decision up to you, but stands ready to bless and heal if you allow Him.

Crossing Over Counseling Services
(Chilhowee Baptist Association)

Depression:  All of us at some point deal with depression.  When is depression too much...
Marriage:  As you are planning a life together, know that Satan has plans for your marriage also, and...
Addictions:  Satan is a master at getting us addicted to the things of this world, and to the substances of this world...
Pre-marital:  It is interesting that we will spend months, sometimes even years planning a wedding, but not think past the wedding vows even five minutes...
Children and Youth:  Even at a very early age Satan will attack our children.  Sometimes if there is a history of depression in a family it can be passed...
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