Clothes for Children
We will be having free Hotdogs, Music and Children's Clothes on Saturdays twice a month at various locations... please call Roy or Linda at 865-455-9419
for places and time.


Blount County
Fire Protection District

Support money that has been given for the project goes to buy new coats. Firefighters visit all major department stores in Blount, Knoxville, Sevier and other areas to find those after season bargains. Coats are purchased as needed but generally coats are purchased at greatly reduced prices after season. This purchasing strategy allows your support dollars to go as far as possible, helping us reach our goal to put as many kids as possible in a new coat.

How can you help?
Donate new and used coats.
Support money (checks to Blount County Fire-Coats for Our Community)
Volunteer your time to help process and deliver coats.

Go to THIS LINK to learn more about helping the Blount County Fire Protection District raise money or learn more about our programs for assisting our community.


The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Psalms 9:9

Chilhowee Baptist Center ... 981-2992
Cross Ministries, Seymour ... 579-6192
Fairview United Methodist Church ... 983-2080
Goodwill Industries ... 984-5296
Habitat ReStore ... 379-9299
Louisville Christian Assistance Center ... 233-3112
Waste-Not-Want-Not ... 379-1112

Eleanor's Closet 865-970-1330
Leave message; all calls to be returned except long distance and pagers.
Eleanor's Closet is a ministry of the Maryville Church of Christ seeking to provide items necessary for daily living to those in the community who need them. Eleanor's Closet provides personal care items, baby care items, clothing and household products on need.

Monday and Thursday 4:00pm-6:00pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Blount County
Fire Protection District
Coats for Our Community

Providing winter coats for those in need since 1994

The numbers:
From the first year of a few coats -- to today many things have changed. One thing that never changes --- Blount County folks are still giving. Over the last 14 years we have received and processed thousands of coats and passed on to our friends in need many thousands of coats. We have also installed hundreds of smoke alarms keeping our community safer and warmer. The season of 2007-2008, the program provided coats to
over 600 kids and well over 1000 adults. The number of folks receiving coats continues to rise each year.
The process:
Coats are collected at many drop-off points in the County --- all fire stations, and many businesses. Coats are inspected by Firefighters and Coat volunteers. Each coat is inspected to make sure each is in good condition and clean. If dirty, coats are washed and dried in the fire station. All coats, after inspection are delivered to our main distribution center located at Blount County Fire Station 7 at 5156 Sevierville Road. After reaching Station 7 all coats are checked in, sorted by size and hung on racks.
Families or persons needing coats are invited in to our station to “shop” for a coat (in the privacy of our coat rooms).
Each person is allowed to receive one heavy coat and one light weight coat.
Coats for Kids:
This past year the program put good warm coats on over 600 kids. These coats were delivered to all schools in Blount County, the City of Alcoa, the City of Maryville, and Greenback. Each school is contacted for a list of needs. The coats are then delivered in the Coats for Our Community trailer. Students that need a coat come to the trailer to “shop” for that special coat. When available, toboggans, gloves and socks are also given.



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