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Almost Home strives for innovative ways to rescue and place animals into loving environments. We are an organization that consists of volunteers with varied interests and experiences, all working towards the betterment of animals. By working within our own group, assisting and educating the public on spaying & neutering, and working with other rescues and sanctuaries, we will see a significant change in the perception and treatment of all animals. Unless otherwise noted, all Almost Home animals are healthy, spayed or neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and on heartworm preventative (if dog,) and flea & tick preventative.
Our organization is made up of volunteers and fosters in the Blount County & surrounding areas of the East Tennessee Valley. We are working to find loving, permanent homes... Our site will stay up during the upcoming year 2013 until we feel our community is well informed of our closing. As of December 31, 2012, all of our animals will stay with their fosters, unless adopted. Thank you for your support throughout the years.
Due to volunteer and foster attrition, ArfNets is closing its doors after 8-years.
The Blount County Animal Shelter, housed within the Blount County Animal Center complex, has been protecting and assuring the welfare of both animals and people of Blount County Tennessee since November of 2009. County residents can surrender animals at the shelter, located at 233 Currie Avenue, Maryville, TN, 37804. Rescued animals are available for adoption for a nominal fee that includes spaying or neutering and rabies shots. Stray animals will be held at the shelter for a minimum of three days but pets with tags will be held for five days to give owners a chance to claim them. Stray hunting dogs are held for seven days. After the holding period, the animals are available for adoption. The shelter euthanizes an animal only if absolutely necessary (public danger or liability, damaged beyond repair, behavioral issues, etc.). Our dog adoption rate is over 90%. 
Maryville Animal Control and its officers are a division of Maryville Police Department and are responsible for the welfare of all animals within the city of Maryville. Animal Control officers provide field services seven (7) days a week that consists of removing nuisance wildlife from humane live traps, investigating complaints of all types, monitoring of quarantined animals, picking up stray animals running loose, patroling city parks, issuing citations, court appearances, and issuing pet licenses. Animal Adoption Information:
After an animal has been impounded by Maryville Animal Control, it may be adopted out after the fifth day of impound provided the owner of the animal is unknown or has failed to come forward to claim his/her animal

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